Surveying apprentices gives us unique insights which are used to inform our pillars for success framework and influence policy.

Our surveys ensure that apprentices are represented and have a platform to share their views. 

After our surveys we:​

  • analyse the data; 

  • write short reports;

  • run campaigns;

  • update our pillars for success framework

  • and work with influential figures to create policy change.

Get involved!

Our latest survey is live now. We want to hear from current and recent apprentices (completed within the last two years). The survey, Adding Value to Apprentices, focuses on mentoring, wellbeing and skills development.


Our reports

Our first report was released in October 2019 and focuses on the cost of travel, 20% off-the-job training, stereotypes and social opportunities.

Key findings

  • A third of apprentices surveyed spend over a fifth of their monthly salary on travel costs.

  • 67% of apprentices surveyed travel by car for all or part of their commute.

  • 25% of apprentices surveyed commute for over 1 hour to work.

  • 45% of apprentices surveyed doubt that they are receiving 20% off-the-job training.

  • 57% of apprentices surveyed would like to see more opportunities to socialise with other apprentices.

  • More than two thirds of apprentices surveyed face some stigma or stereotypes due to being an apprentice.

October 2019.png

Undervalued Apprentices: October 2019