The Apprentice Voice team consists of three highly committed apprentices who are brought together by their shared values to make apprenticeships better for apprentices and employers. Please find out more about the TAV team below.

Katie Fiddaman

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Since studying business at GCSE Level, Katie has had an excitement for how businesses work, and especially how the marketing function operates. Continuing this passion to A-Level, Katie continued to study Business alongside other subjects, whilst working part-time.


Katie applied to study for a traditional Business Management Degree at university, before realising that this route was not challenging enough and did not incorporate the work experience she desired. When researching alternatives, Katie stumbled upon the Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship programme at Pearson, and after a lengthy application process, was able to secure a place on the programme.


Now in her final year and headed for End Point Assessment, Katie is working as a Content Marketing Executive in the Online Learning Services division, after being promoted 18 months into the programme.


In April 2019, Katie co-founded The Apprentice Voice with Dexter and Niamh with the aim of initiating positive change within the apprenticeship system for apprentices across England. Katie’s marketing expertise and positive apprenticeship experience allows her to apply knowledge when suggesting improvements to apprenticeship programmes.

Dexter Hutchings

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Dexter started his a-levels but quickly realised it wasn't for him, dropping out of both sixth form and college before finding his apprenticeship with the Edge Foundation in 2017. He completed his level 3 apprenticeship with the Edge Foundation 12 months later and is now working towards a level 6 in Digital Marketing.


At Edge, Dexter found a passion for policy, particularly relating to apprenticeships. Dexter is a constant ambassador of apprenticeships and has spoken at numerous events - he was a member of a discussion panel at the House of Commons and also spoke at the 2018 National Apprenticeship Awards.


Dexter now wants to use his passion and knowledge for apprenticeship policy, marketing, and business to improve apprenticeships for apprentices and employers and encourage more people to consider it as a true alternative to both a-levels and university.

Niamh Mulhall

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Niamh has always been passionate about management and strategy, she dropped out of sixth form after realising it wasn’t the correct route for her career.


After researching and working part-time she discovered the opportunities apprenticeships offer.


In 2018 she completed her level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship at the Western Sussex NHS Trust working as a Junior Doctor-Coordinator. During this time, she saw the value apprenticeships offered and strived to undertake the next step in her professional career. This involved researching the Level 6 programme and applying to various schemes. She was accepted onto the Chartered Business Management Degree Apprenticeships working for Pearson College London (part of Pearson PLC) and is now in her final year working as a Sales and Finance Administrator.


During her time working and studying for her degree, Niamh co-founded The Apprentice Voice with Dexter and Katie with the aim of improving apprenticeship programmes across England for all. Her stance from a data analytics and statistics background drives Niamh to improve apprenticeships for learners to gain as many skills and as much knowledge as possible.

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