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Your new apprentices are looking to you for support and guidance. Our mentoring programmes will provide the solution.

Change the way you onboard an apprentice and approach the end-point assessment stage with our mentoring programmes which are coming soon and are built on our experience working with and as apprentices.


Our mentoring programmes will provide a comprehensive solution to support apprentices through their journey, with assessments and check-ins to help them thrive.


Ensure your apprentices experience a smooth transition into the workplace


Having an effective onboarding plan in place from day one can help your new apprentice comfortably settle into their new job role. An effective onboarding plan can lead to higher employee retention, increased productivity and better job satisfaction for your new apprentice.


Guarantee EPA success and make sure your apprentices have planned their next steps


End-point assessment has changed the face of apprenticeships. Not just in terms of how programmes are delivered, but also in terms of the additional skills apprentices have to develop in order to prove their competence and ability.  


Ensuring your apprentices are fully proficient in the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours within the Standard is absolutely vital. However, in addition, many assessment plans require the apprentice to be able to articulate their learning journey in a short space of time at end-point assessment. Regardless of the assessment method stipulated in the assessment plan, the apprentice must be able to recognise what is being asked of them, reflect on their experiences and shine on the day. This can be achieved much more effectively if the apprentice is well-prepared.

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