Our work with forward-thinking employers like you improves diversity, retention and productivity through a better apprentice experience. A win-win for all.


Creating tailored recruitment strategies to help businesses reach diverse talent pools

A full apprentice scheme audit using our pillars for success framework

Full Audit

Additional Services

Implementing additional services to generate a highly productive workforce

  • Recruit individuals who match your companies values

  • Further develop your talent pipeline

  • Ensure your organisation appeals to people from diverse and low socio-economic backgrounds

  • Obtain valuable data about your apprentices and your apprenticeship scheme 

  • Receive a tailored plan to help create a better apprenticeship scheme

  • Get continuous support and guidance from industry experts

Work with TAV approved industry leaders operating in:

  • Wellbeing

  • Mentoring

  • Skills Development

  • People Performance 

Nearly three quarters (70%) of employers believe that apprenticeships and work-based learning are vital to their organisations’ recovery from COVID disruption.

The Open University and The 5% Club 2021

Only employers who understand the importance and commercial benefits of hiring, developing and retaining the right talent value what their apprentices can do for them.


They see no boundaries in helping them to become the best at what they do. Always doing what’s right, they go above and beyond to support their development and wellbeing. Because they know a successful apprenticeship scheme has many benefits for their company.

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Our pillars for success framework

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  • Personal development

  • Career development

  • Wellbeing  support

  • Mentoring

  • Tailored recruitment

  • Varied expereince

  • Promotions and pay reviews

  • Future prospects

  • Communication with a manager

  • Internal apprentice team

  • Clarity of requirements

  • Course alignment

  • Equality

  • Diversity

  • Inclusion

  • company wide buy-in

How we work with you to get better outcomes

  1. Getting to know your organisation 

  2. Gaining new insights into your scheme via surveys and interviews.

  3. Analysing the data to see what you already offer and what you can do to improve.

  4. A detailed report with specific recommendations.

  5. A tailored plan to help you implement our recommendations, making use of our own materials as well as our partners.

  6. Ongoing support when required.

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