What is TAV?

We are an independent organisation representing apprentices to initiate positive change within the apprenticeship system.

What does TAV do?

We are making apprenticeships even better, specifically focusing on the apprentice experience and outcomes. We value the views of apprentices and believe they know the needs of apprentices better than anyone else. However, we’re not here just to listen – we want to make apprenticeships fair, accessible and high quality. We do this by working with empolyers and influencing policy.

How does TAV plan to achieve its goals?

Surveys and reports - Ensuring that apprentices are listened to and well represented. Our pillars for success - Creating better outcomes for employers and improving apprenticeships for as many apprentices as possible Policy change - Using the data from our surveys and work with to inform policy and create long-lasting change. Re-investing profits - We made a pledge to put people and purpose above profit. Any profit we make is re-invested into creating opportunities for young people.

Does TAV benefit apprentices?

Definitely. We are run by apprentices for apprentices. Our main goal is to help make an apprenticeship system which works for and benefits apprentices.

How is TAV funded?

TAV charges employers a consultancy fee for our services. Any profits are re-invested into supporting more young people into apprenticeships.

Who founded TAV?

TAV was founded by three apprentices, Katie, Dexter and Niamh. Find out more here.

When was TAV founded?

We were founded in April 2019, and we have come a long way since then. You can stay updated with all the work we do by subscribing to our mailing list.

Would TAV be interested in working with us?

We are always looking to work with apprentices to make sure their voices are heard. See what we're up to at the moment here. If you're an employer, check out our pillars for success or get in contact with us.

How can I contact TAV?

You can get in touch with us via the Contact Us page or email us directly on TheApprenticeVoiceTAV@gmail.com. Either way, we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

How does TAV work with employers?

We work directly with employers as consultants to help them improve their apprenticeship scheme. We do this by:

  1. Getting to know their organisation, their needs and a bit about their scheme.
  2. Gaining new insights into their scheme via surveys and interviews.
  3. Analysing the data to see what they offer and what they can do to improve.
  4. Writing a detailed report with specific recommendations.
  5. Creating a tailored plan to help them implement our recommendations, making use of our own materials as well as our partners.
  6. Providing ongoing support when required.