Our journey so far

Apprentices, Katie, Dexter and Niamh met in April 2019 and instantly connected due to their shared views that apprenticeships needed changing but more importantly MPs and other leading figures needed to know more about apprentices views.


Understanding the true value of apprentices to companies and the economy, the group were passionate for apprentices to feel represented. They wanted all apprentices to have a voice, and within weeks of meeting they founded The Apprentice Voice.

In October 2019, the group released the findings of their first survey, which focused on the cost of travel, 20% off-the-job training, stereotypes and social opportunities. The report was met well and saw impressive coverage within sector news. The group were able to present their findings to the Department for Education and made contact with numerous MPs. 

Now in 2021, The Apprentice Voice continues to survey apprentices but also works directly with employers too.

Initiating positive change within the apprenticeship system

TAV initiates positive change within the apprenticeship system by:

  • surveying apprentices;

  • carrying out research;

  • running campaigns;

  • and working with influential figures.


As well as working with employers to implement our pillars for success, creating higher quality apprenticeships with better outcomes for apprentices and employers.