Creating better outcomes for apprentice employers 

The Apprentice Voice (TAV) is an independent non-profit organisation that works with employers and apprentices to initiate positive change within the apprenticeship system.

Working with employers

Employers who embed our simple framework into their apprenticeship schemes can expect a higher return on investment with better retention, increased productivity, and improved outcomes for them and their apprentices. 

Sharing apprentices views

We survey apprentices to provide a snapshot of their thoughts and opinions regarding apprenticeships. Our latest survey which focused on mentoring, wellbeing and skills development - the results will be out soon. In the meantime, why not read our last report?

Creating positive change that lasts

We want our work to change lives now but have a long-lasting effect in the future too.



Surveys and reports

Understanding the thoughts and opinions apprentices have and seeking to influence policy.

Embedding our framework

Creating better outcomes for employers and improving apprenticeships for as many apprentices as possible.



Policy change

Using the data from our surveys and work with employers to inform policy and create long-lasting change.

Re-investing profits

We made a pledge to put people and purpose above profit. Any profit we make is re-invested into creating opportunities for young people.

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