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Creating better outcomes for apprentice employers 

The Apprentice Voice works with employers to develop and enhance their apprenticeship programmes, enabling them to hire, train, and retain the very best talent for their business and industry.

Are you looking to attract and recruit the best talent? Would you like to develop a skilled workforce and improve productivity?


The Apprentice Voice (TAV) is an independent organisation dedicated to ensuring employers receive the holistic support and advice they need to deliver and manage a top class apprenticeship programme.


We work closely with companies who’d like to build or expand their apprenticeship programmes. Any employer, no matter how large or small, can work with our expert team and industry-leading partners to improve diversity, retention and productivity through a better apprentice experience.


TAV utilises apprentice surveys, research and industry insights to offer tailored recruitment strategies, all the way through to full apprenticeship programme audits and on-going support. 

Work with us to implement:

A tailored recruitment strategy

Take the first step in recruiting the best apprentices for your organisation.

We manage the whole process from writing the job description to onboarding apprentices.

We specialise in recruiting Gen Z and practice inclusive recruitment to ensure diversity.

A wellbeing support plan

Apprenticeships can strain individuals as they work, study, and manage their outside life.

Investing in apprentices' mental health is crucial. We offer our clients discounts to mental health apps that allow apprentices to track their moods and access personalised content.

A mentoring framework

Mentoring adds value to apprenticeship programmes, improving employee retention and talent management. We are currently developing onboarding and final stage mentoring plans, as well as high-quality mentor training courses for your management teams.

More information coming soon!

Employers who work with TAV can expect to:

  • Develop a talent pipeline, growing and nurturing the best talent in-house

  • Meet business, industry and customer needs

  • Appeal to individuals from diverse and low socio-economic backgrounds

  • Have a happier, more engaged, more productive workforce

  • Future proof their business

  • Improve apprentice career outcomes and increase apprentice retention

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